„Christmas in a shoebox“ – little things can make a big difference


VisFontis takes part in the donation campaign which is called „Christmas in a shoebox“ and donates quickly and unbureaucratically missing packages for 10 to 14 year old boys from socially disadvantaged families.


„Christmas in a shoebox“ is a nice possibility to support children in need. Hundreds of thousands boxes are filled and decorated in the German-speaking area each year. The daycare center of the primary school in Breitenbrunn at  the Lake Neusiedl was being supported by VisFontis in this year’s campaign.

All the packages have been wraped up wholeheartedly by the pupils and are now on the way to Romania and Moldova. There were some packages missing for the age group of the 10-14 year old boys; those were provided by VisFontis at short notice.

With this nice touch it is possible to conjure a smile on the children’s faces living in socially disadvantaged families and contribute to a cheerful Christmas Eve. Furthermore, it is an occasion for children from our region to deal with the issue poverty.


„Often simple and small assistances can bring happiness for children and young people, at least for a little while,“ said Àgnes Ottrubay, the chairperson of VisFontis, „and with this conviction we can support quickly and unbureaucraticly the donation campaign „Christmas in a shoebox“.