VisFontis (the power of the fountain) supports initiatives in favour of children and adolescents from Central and Eastern Europe who grow up in underprivileged circumstances. Like all young people, what they need is a stable family and social environment, a responsible upbringing, and promising educational opportunities in order to be able to start into life full of hope.

Due to the adverse living conditions in this region, however, children and adolescents are often excluded from a proper family life and from education. We want to change that.

The association VisFontis was founded by Ágnes Ottrubay, Dr. Julius Marhold and the famous musician and composer Ferry Janoska. Mag. Carla Schmirl and László Babarczi are members of the board.


The chairperson of the association, Ágnes Ottrubay has a lot of experience, owing to her involvement of more than ten years with “Inner Wheel Hungary”, with project work pursuing the following aims:


  • “Mutual Friendship”

  • “Social Commitment”

  • “International Understanding”

She intends to use her expertise to provide children and adolescents from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and other countries with the help they need to live a decent life. Ágnes Ottrubay is convinced that even the smallest acts of assistance may be instrumental in bringing about positive changes in the life of young people and their environment.