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Who is entitled to ask for support?


We promote social and non-profit institutions that support children and adolescents from socially underprivileged families in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, and strengthen the environment that young people need.


What are the goals supported by VisFontis?


You may apply to us if you encourage young people

 to start into their lives with better opportunities


  • to develop their artistic and intellectual talents

  • to infuse their leisure time with a purpose

  • to devote themselves to reasonable activities on their own initiative

  • to develop their creativity


What we do not sponsor


We will exclusively sponsor project costs, but not current infrastructural and operating costs, general staff costs and marketing costs, unless they are directly associated with the project submitted.

 We will neither support any political parties nor any organisations related to them. The sponsoring of individuals is not possible.


The two-step submission process

Requests for sponsoring will be treated in two steps. After initial submission (using a corresponding form), the board of VisFontis will decide whether the project is basically eligible for support. In case of an affirmative decision, if such eligibility may be assumed, we will ask the submitting party in writing to file a detailed project description. Based on this, we will finally decide if sponsoring is possible.

​Submission starts


Please complete the form below and describe the project submitted using a maximum of 3,000 characters (including spaces). We will contact you after our jury has made a decision.