Egyesület a remény kisemberei közösségért - association for the society of the children of hope

Nyíregyháza, Hungary


The association based in Nyíregyháza in eastern Hungary provides children from poor families with opportunities to have great experiences. It was founded by father Balázs Szűcs with the aim to provide help to children in need. Every summer, the association organises a summer camp providing children from Ukraine, Romania, Moldavia, Serbia and Hungary with a chance to experience happy, carefree days in Csobánka, to the North of Budapest, accordingly also offering some diversion from their everyday lives. Another focus of the organisation is the support of orphanages. The website of the association contains a list of things that are needed – often these are simply everyday goods that are part of the normal standard in other European countries. However, for the recipients, they represent precious gifts that will invariably cause a few children's eyes to shine.