VisFontis fulfills first heart's desires


From donations VisFontis grants special heart's desires for children and teenagers from the partner organisations.


The first wish came true last Saturday (12.12.2015) in Timisoara, Romania. Ágnes Ottrubay, the president of VisFontis, invited the residents and employees of the welfare center Wetschehaus, which is supported by many people from Burgenland, to a very special evening.

Ágnes Ottrubay and her 40 guests immersed into the world of musicals for some hours. They visited the Disney musical show „Beauty and the Beast“ in the National Opera House in Timisoara. Before that the whole group had some roasted chestnuts and hot drinks at a charming Christmas Market.


As a thanky you, the children and young people performed traditional Romanian dances in their new traditional costumes.

This exciting weekend will remain in the memory of everyone.