Kőbányai Szent László Általános Iskola, Tanulóink Jövőjéért Alapítvány - foundation “For the Future of our Pupils” of St. Ladislaus primary school in Kőbánya

Budapest, Hungary


Within the scope of the foundation, this regular primary school in the Budapest district of Kőbánya has been supporting a sponsorship scheme for many years, providing aid to socially underprivileged pupils. One of the school's focuses is on musical education. On the one hand, this serves to specifically encourage certain talents, but it also contributes to the development of other skills. Ever since 1957, the founding year, more than 1,000 pupils have received schooling in the musical classes. Many young people who took their first steps into music at Köbánya Szent László primary school have embarked on successful musical careers later and managed to earn a living as musicians in Hungary or in other countries. For those responsible, this success constitutes a motivation to do this work, which should and must be continued.



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