Základná škola Jarovnice - primary school in Jarovnice

Jarovnice, Slovakia


Jan Sajko is more than simply an arts teacher. For his commitment and his activities have afforded him quite some fame. In Jarovnice, where some 80 percent of the eastern Slovak municipality with 5,000 inhabitants are Roma, he has found a special way to reach his pupils at the primary school with his special pedagogic methods and alternative teaching approach. He picks them up at their roots, going into the multi-faceted culture of the Roma, their history, their craft, and also their music in his teaching. In this way, he motivates the pupils to find their own ways of creatively expressing themselves. Those working the hardest, who are prepared to develop their talents, are allowed to participate in exhibitions at home and abroad. Every human being should be given an opportunity to change their lives through personal commitment and hard work, in order to get away from poverty and misery – this is what Jan Sajko believes in.