Municipality of Bódvalenke - the village of frescoes

Bódvalenke, Hungary


In Bódvalenke, in north-eastern Hungary, activist Eszter Pásztor has started an unconventional initiative. The intention is to bring non-Roma to the Roma village, thus removing mental barriers against the ethnic group of the Roma and encouraging tolerance – a contribution to restoring a sense of human dignity.With her association, Ms. Pásztor provides local support directly on site, to assist the village to overcome abject poverty and to bring more opportunities to a region hit hard by high unemployment. For instance, a solar energy project was started that is meant to subsequently furnish 20 buildings with LED lighting.Bódvalenke is called the “village of frescoes”. Roma artists have contributed to produce several frescoes on building façades. Until today, 33 frescoes have been implemented. Artists with Roma origins from other parts of Europe have been invited to continue the project. Hungarian photographer Ákos Stiller has captured life in Bódvalenke with his camera.