The first fund-raising evening of the VisFontis association at Esterházy Palace under the motto: Tolerance Overcomes Borders

Under the motto “Tolerance Overcomes Borders”, the first fund-raising event of the VisFontis association was held at Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt in the evening of 9 October, where numerous children's and youth organisations were presented to a wider public for the first time.


Gaby Schwarz and Ádám Bősze hosted this evening, presented in two languages, the musical supporting programme was organised by the institutions introduced.


Those persons have been presented who have initiated and realized successful projects, far away from the public eye, in the last few years.


About 400 guests and few representatives of the child and youth organisations from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, together with their protégées have attended the diverse and in some parts really touching event.

Frequently, even small acts of assistance can help to considerably improve the life of young people from underprivileged environments.


A stable family and social environment, responsible upbringing and promising educational opportunities represent the strength that young people can rely on to find their way into a full, felicitous life.

The VisFontis association and the fund-raising event in Eisenstadt in particular, are supported by various institutions domiciled in Vienna and Burgenland that act as sponsors and provide gratuitous services.


We want to express again our special thanks to them:


  • Alessandri Design & Marke Manufaktur

  • Energie Burgenland

  • The St. Margarethen Opera Festival

  • Graf&Pitkowitz attorneys-at-law

  • Deiger & Manninger – public notaries

  • Gasthof Ohr

  • Esterhazy Wein GmbH

  • Schloss Esterhazy Kulturverwaltung

  • Redline Eventtechnik